About Matthew Hinterlong

1402574125_MH38 50Well-versed in renewable energy technology, Matthew Hinterlong studied at Vanderbilt University during his undergraduate years. He majored in engineering science and economics, complemented by a minor in management of technology. A few years later, Matthew Hinterlong enrolled at Utrecht University and earned his master of science in sustainable development, studying in the energy and resources track of the program.

Matthew Hinterlong got his start as a project engineer at Mystic Manufacturing, a RWH Group, Inc. held company. His job as supply line manager involved setting up supply chains and inventory controls for the company’s products. He then accepted the position of project engineer at Euless Aero Components, Inc., another RWH Group company, where he worked closely with representatives from Aerotech Engineering to catalog engineering drawings. He was also responsible obtaining steel, aluminum, and other materials necessary for processing.

Following his tenure as president and CEO of Transatlantic Renewables, LLC, Hinterlong joined Environmental Health and Engineering in November 2011. A staff scientist, he directs nearly two dozen remote stations that monitor air quality inside healthcare and community facilities. He predicts managing up to 100 remote stations by the end of 2015.

Matthew Hinterlong spends his leisure time reading nonfiction books and attending live performances at theaters and music venues.


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